Win Court Case Quranic Dua

Win Court Case Quranic Dua
Win Court Case Quranic Dua

Win Court Case Quranic Dua

Quranic Dua: A sure solution to win a legal case & a perfect shield against injustice.

Win Court Case Quranic Dua, Many a times, you may get stuck in an unwanted dispute. This dispute may further turn into a court case and eventually takes a toll on your life.

Win Court Case Quranic Dua

Win Court Case Quranic Dua
Win Court Case Quranic Dua

A court case may prove to be very harmful for you and your family.

You may land yourself in a severe punishment and which destroys your whole life.

Many cases are seen where the person faces injustice.

This is because he/she does not have enough financial resources or big contacts to influence a legal case.

This results in an unjust, not only to you and your family. But the only guaranteed way out in such a situation is the divine hope. There are many duas which can assist you in winning a legal war.

Why dua?

Are you going through a time where you are confused and hopeless, being stuck in a legal matter? Is it affecting your life severely?

Then the only way out is a quranicdua to win a court case. It is the purest solution to your problem.

There are people who bribe the lawyers or the judge and easily win a court case. But the only best answer to such bribe-givers is a dua.

Allah has a solution to every hurdle in your life and so does for a legal issue. There are people who fail to adopt an effective technique and eventually lose the case.

Win Court Case Quranic Dua

Therefore a dua will ensure your win in a court case despite of the many obstacles. The following duafor court case judgment will ensure that the judgment to be in your favor:

“Glorified be Allah and exalted above all they associate (with him).

And your Lord knows what their breasts conceal and what they publish.

And He is Allah. There is no God save Him.

For Him is all praise in the former and latter (state).

For Him is command and unto Hiom you will be returned.”AL QASAS 68, 70

Importance: The above dua (ayat) shall be recited for 7 times, when you fear that your opponent will present false evidence in front of the judge and may win the case falsely.

After chanting the above aayat for seven times, it shall again be recited for 3 times before appearing in front of the judge. In Sha Allah, you will be safe under the shelter of this dua against any foul play in the case.

Dua for success/victory in court case:

Often the rich and spoiled people do injustice to the weak and poor ones. This very often happens in case of a legal matter.

They use their money power and easily get through the trouble. But the one who is right, honest and weaker faces the trouble without any fault of their.

God is the only abode for such weak and poor people. Only God can understand your problems in life and can resolve them.

Win Court Case Quranic Dua

He cannot directly come to save you but a quranicdua is his blessings to the mankind. Be it any kind of trouble, a dua never fails to do miracles. Similarly, a dua to resolve a legal matter will assure of a win, no matter who your opponent is.

No matter how mighty your opponent is, he/she cannot stand against a powerful dua. The following dua will surely fulfill your desire for justice:

  • After Fajrnamaz viz. before sunrise, recite Surah Toor (chap 27 of Quran) and Surah Fatah (chap 26 of Quran) one time. The above surah work to give you success at the court case. Start reciting it as early as possible and do it regularly till you appear in the court.
  • “YaMalikul Kareem”, read this Quranic phrase as much as possible before the final hearing of your case. Though Allah will reward no matter at what time your recite this but it is better to read it after Tajahhudnamaz. In sha Allah success will follow.
  • Also do not forget to recite all the defined namaz in a day. A namaz is above all and a dua by heart is like an icing on the cake. If you keep evoking the mercy of Allah every time you read a namaz, either you will win the case or it will work as a perfect dua to remove court case.
Win Court Case Quranic Dua

Hope the above duas and suggestions are useful for you. So start following them before it is too late and Allah will reward you with the best.