Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman

Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman
Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman

Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman

Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman or to protect husband from another woman can be use to stop my husband having affairs. We will provide you very strong wazifa to get back husband from other woman.

How To Use Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman?

Allah has created a woman for a man to keep him happy.  Husband and wife should be like clothing for each other. In the Hadith, the prophet Muhammad (SAW) has mentioned husband and wife to establish friendship in their relationship before everything else. A husband should respect his wife before establishing a loving relationship.

Unfortunately, many married couples fall short of establishing a loving relationship with their spouse. This paves the way for the interference of other women in their otherwise intimate and sacred relationship. Any anomaly in marriage would not have taken place if the married couples had interpreted the rights and values of their spouses correctly.

Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman
Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman

We live in a consumer society where everything is handy. We come across men who undervalue their spouses and look for alternatives in love for any trivial matter. This has resulted in several married couples involved in extra-marital affairs.

If you are one to find yourself trapped in a suffocating marriage, where your husband is involved with another woman, you should not bear the pain silently. You have to fight for your cause and establish the position that you hold in your husband’s life.

Instead of being irritated and dealing the matter with anger, try to find out the shortcomings in your relationship. Work out on all the weak areas patiently and present to your husband the beautiful, compassionate person that you are.

Also, surrender to Allah completely, and pray to Him for your righteous demand. After every obligatory prayer, say the name of Allah ‘YaWadudo’ for 100 times.

After Isha Salah, read ‘Darood Shareef’ three times, ‘Surah Falaq’ for seven times and ‘Surah Naas’ for seven times. Recite ‘Ayat-ul Kursi’ for 11 times. Again read ‘Darood Shareef’ for three times at the end.

Being in wadu, blow on your husband’s chest while he is a bed. In Sha Allah, Allah will compel your husband to leave the other woman.  And you will revive the love, prestige, and position in your husband’s life.

Very Strong Wazifa To Get Back Husband From Other Woman

Very Strong Wazifa To Get Back Husband From Other Woman, You have come to know lately that your husband is involved with another woman. It is not only heartbreaking but also humiliating. You feel ignored and cheated at the same time. However, it will never be wise to discontinue the relationship with your husband. You have to find ways to get your husband back and emerge victorious in the foul play that is going on.

Your husband is stuck in a sticky situation. His involvement with other women also forsakes the principle of Islam. Being his wife, you have to be sympathetic to him and patiently guide him to get back in your life. You must see that he does not go astray and walk his life in the path of truth.

Repent to Allah and pray to Him diligently to get your husband back. Practice this strong wazifa to get your husband back. After Fajar Salah, recite ‘Darood-e-Ibraheemi’ for three times. Then with ‘Surah Fateha’ recite the dua given below,

“Subhanaka La Ilaha Illa Anta YaRabba Kulli Shai-in WaWarisahuWaRajiqhu

Repeat it for 100 times. Blow on a sweet and request your husband to eat it. In Sha Allah, Allah will guide him on the right path, and you will get your husband back from another woman soon.

Dua To Protect Husband From Another Woman

Dua To Protect Husband From Another Woman, You are married to a person who is very lovable and likable by all. Your husband is a precious jewel who receives appreciation and praise from all. Sometimes you feel afraid of losing your husband to another woman because of the inherent good qualities in him.

Your husband is the center of attraction wherever he steps in, and women are attracted to him as bees are to honey. Other women try to get cozy with him, and you feel unsafe. You have even found love offers made to him by other women, who are ready to have an open relationship with him.

Your husband, being an honest man, is least likely to fall in the trap of another woman. But the insecurity lies within you. To protect your husband from another woman, you can practice reciting dua.

After every Fajar Salah and Isha Salah, sit on your prayer mat and read Darood Salvat’ for 11 times. Then read the following dua for 500 times.

AniqZifihi Fit TabutiFaqzifihi Fil YammiFalyulQihilYammu Bis SaahiliYaKhujuAduwwul Liwa AduwwulLah, WaAqaituAlaikaMahabbatamMinneeWaLitusna-a Ala Ainee

Blow on water and make your husband drink it throughout the day. In Sha Allah, your husband will be protected from other women and their lustful eyes.

Dua To Stop My Husband Having Affairs

Dua To Stop My Husband Having Affairs, Your husband is a decent man having high moral values. But his profession demands him to work nearby of other women. This worries you a lot and sometimes create suspicion in your mind. It is very natural for us to be possessive of someone we love. But gradually, it is over empowering you, and you are falling prey to anxiety.

You cannot clear this matter with your husband as it can break the trust between you. At such an instance, you can put your complete faith on Almighty Allah and seek His protection. Recite the beautiful names of Allah,

‘Ya Wadudo, Ya Hafeezo’ for 100 times during sunrise and sunset every day. In Sha Allah, the love between your husband and you will become stronger, and Allah will stop your husband from having affairs with other women.

After Fajar Salah, read the following dua for 11 times.

KullaYashtabilKhabishuWa-taiyebuWalauAjabakaKasratulKhabishiFattaqullahaYa-ulilAlbab, Ya-ulilAlbabilAallakumTuflehun”

Read ‘Darood Shareef’ for three times both before and after reciting the dua. Blow on food and serve it to your husband. Allah has sanctioned marriage between a man and a woman. He feels the happiest, when legitimate and honorable love exists between them.

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