Powerful Dua For Lost Love

Powerful Dua For Lost Love
Powerful Dua For Lost Love

Powerful Dua For Lost Love

Powerful Dua For Lost Love or quranic dua to regain lost love can be use to get your true love back. Our dua for getting ex love back is most work on this problem.

Your life is beautiful and happening when you have the right person by your side. You can’t deny the fact that you need someone who you can share all your emotions. Your life is somehow sorted if you have found that true love. Indeed, life is a war, and true love is a reward.

But, some of the luckiest people underestimate the worth of presence of true love in their life. And they lose them by arguing and satisfying their ego. While they strongly regret it later as the real value is known after we have lost them.

Powerful Dua For Lost Love
Powerful Dua For Lost Love

You will surely be realizing and trying your level best to get your lost love back. But it is not everyone’s cup of tea do. You must let your lost love feel the void that has been caused due to your absence.

If your efforts have become idle in yielding any results, then you must go for the Islamic way. Therefore, perform our dua to get your love back.

Quranic Dua To Regain Lost Love

Quranic Dua To Regain Lost Love, Quranic verses have the potential to make impossible things happen. History is proof of that. Yes, all your daily problems cannot bother you for long except for some critical issues. And these issues need the best solution to tackle.

Hence, you must have to follow the best quranic dua to regain lost love.

So, here we have come up with the step by step procedure that can make your efforts a lot easier:

  1. Firstly, you have to be clean enough to begin the quranic dua to regain lost love. Hence, bathe and do ablution afterwards.
  2. Wear the appropriate clothing that covers your body enough to qualify the needs before beginning the whole procedure.
  3. Then, spread a jaa e namaz on the floor of the room of your choice.
  4. Before you begin, choose a place that you don’t get any distractions.
  5. Then, spread your jaa e namaz in the direction where Qibla is.
  6. After that, make yourself comfortable by sitting in that direction.
  7. Imagine Allah watching over you.
  8. Every morning, you must recite this dua.
  9. Al qurood bismil vidan naqshat re rishwan alla a rahmoon.
  10. Repeat it for fifty times.
  11. Cook or bring the favourite dish of your lost love.
  12. You should feed that food to the animal of white colour.
  13. After performing this dua for three weeks, you will be amazed by the impressive results.

Therefore, we want you to read the quranic dua to regain lost love.

Dua To Get Your True Love Back

Dua To Get Your True Love Back, Those people are lucky who have found their true love. Many people seek true love from a person but get let down by not getting love back from the other side. People often put their loads of effort to get the love of their life.

But, losing your true love is too painful for a person. One can’t stand the separation from his/ her true love. People often lose their mind and indulge themselves in bad habits after losing their true love.

  1. First of all, you must be clean before getting started with the whole procedure.
  2. Then, look for a place that you find the most appropriate for the best concentration.
  3. Make sure no one can distract you while you are performing the dua to get your true love back
  4. Put a jaa e namaz towards Qibla and start your dua.
  5. Repeat the following dua 371 times every day
  6. Hasbun Allahuu waa La namal wakeel. Quwata Illa Baillahil wa Naseer
  7. You must have to recite the following five tasbeeh every day.
  8. First of all, you should be performing the recitation of Allaahu Akbar 93 times per day.
  9. After that, Alhamdulillah 74 times in your daily routine.
  10. Then, you must recite SubhanAllah 71 times.
  11. Lastly, you have to read LaaIlaha Illallah 93 times per day.
  12. For accuracy, you should be using beads for counting, and you can note it down in a paper.

Make sure to do it every day without any gaps for the effectiveness of dua to get your true love back. You will be noticing impressive results from the very first day.

Dua For Getting Ex Love Back

Dua For Getting Ex Love Back, Have you broken up with your love but still got feelings? Do you want him/ her again in your life? Have you tried to convince him/her, but he/she did not feel the same? Are you losing all your hope? Take no worries at all. We have the best solution that can work effectively for you.

Performing our dua for getting ex-love back can bring happiness to your life again. No one but Allah has the power to convey feelings in the heart and change the mindset of any person. Your efforts do not guarantee that you can influence your ex by convincing.

Here, we have mentioned the whole procedure that can help you out:

  1. First thing you have to keep in mind is that you should offer prayers five times a day without missing any time of the day.
  2. If you do not read namaz every day, you might find your dua for getting ex-love back less effective.
  3. Keep praying to the almighty Allah to bring your ex-love back to you.
  4. Recite the following dua five hundred times every day.
  5. The dua is a part of Darood Shareef. It starts with Allah hummabarikala.
  6. Repeat the following dua 21 times a day.
  7. Do the recitation of Surah Furqaan
  8. You should recite only three verses that is verse number 73, 74, and 77.
  9. And lastly, you have to recite Surah Tariq Chapter number 86 on the day of Arafat.

Perform dua for getting ex-love back and get your lover back in your life. Have faith in Allah and his words, and he will never disappoint you.

Ya Wadoodo Ka Wazifa For Love