Dua For Protection From Divorce

Dua For Protection From Divorce
Dua For Protection From Divorce

Dua For Protection From Divorce

Dua For Protection From Divorce providing you Protection From Divorce, it also help you Reconciliation After Divorce. if you want Stopping Divorce then also use this dua, after use this dua you will Not Getting Divorced.

Marriage is a very sheer bond. Fracturing that gives nightmares to people. Nobody ever wants to depart from their loved ones. If anything negative happens, they tend to fix things. Sometimes your spouse cheats on your or gets attracted towards another person.

Dua For Protection From Divorce
Dua For Protection From Divorce

Therefore, that time you have a fear of getting a divorce. Sometimes, your spouse gets sick of you and start thinking of having a divorce with you. You might have children then. This splitting also might have an even more adverse effect on them.

At this time, this dua for protection from divorce work wonders. Prophet Muhammad gives it.

‘Innee rizqika subh’aanka yamoot rabis azeem wa faqr tawalla amree ghayraka muhammadin aali yaa qazial illaha antal malikul ameen.’

It means, Hey Allah! I need your mercy. I am seeking for your grace. Save me from this danger of divorce. Oh, my sustainer recovers your follower from the jeopardy of divorce. Do not punish me. I seek your forgiveness if I have done something wrong.

Meanwhile, I also put efforts to resolve the issues. First of all, if you have any problematic situation, try to talk calmly and sort the things out. Namaz 5 times every day. Because these are the times, you need to be more spiritually active.

These things work like a cushion, so you don’t get hurt during the mess. This above dua for protection from divorce very fruitful. Many people are not aware of such rare dua. In contrast, you are one of those lucky few who got to know it. Now make good use of it.

Dua For Reconciliation After Divorce

Many a time, things don’t fall into places. We think different but in actual, happens something different. Nobody gets married to get divorced ultimately. But unfortunate things happen. Many people see their children going through a lot due to their parents’ separation. Sometimes, your life doesn’t get any better after the divorce.

Furthermore, you start feeling the need to get to together again. But how would that happen? Can it happen? The answer to it is, yes! It can happen.

This is the time where your god would be a flicker of hope for you. Finally, here is a dua for reconciliation after divorce:

‘Ilaaho maam fateh man ull eleha takht tum ayna adree afee suleyha biyadika sahlan laa tu fa innaka illa faslli alaa chumri qad fee am ameen’

It means, ‘Oh Allah! Oh, my sustainer, I seek your mercy. Let me get my spouse back. Forgive me for any sins that I committed. Bless me with your generosity. Give me the abundance and my love back. Ameen!’

There is a baba residing in Mumbai. Even celebrities go to him for various issues. This is one of his most fruitful dua for reconciliation after divorce. He helped many people get back with their spouses.

Many divorces in Bollywood were converted into patch up before the news of divorce gets out. All due to this baba and his dua. So, now you have got the same dua.

You have to chant this mantra 111 times per day. For three days straight. It is just a matter of using it and voila! As a result, you would be back with your spouse.

Dua For Stopping Divorce

Sometimes, your family members to want you two to get separated. Family members mean, your father in law, mother in law, sister-brother, etc. There are times in some people’s lives when even their parents thin; it is not right for you to continue your companionship with your current spouse. Even your spouse seem not to disagree with them. And here, you want to try hard to save the marriage.

You try to talk to with the family members. You also try to have a longer chat with your spouse. But things seem to slip out of your hand. You start feeling helpless as well as hopeless. The last thing Allah would want you to be is impossible. Allah always takes care of his followers. In such hard times, here’s a dua for stopping divorce given by prophet Muhammad:

‘Ilm jalm alaa aadam al-urf-bashir as-aluka bismillah wal ilahi wasn-e-burj samaika ma kamame sabut jalaai-ish-maika junaid-e-samaika jilla wohill samika aameen’ Quoran 84;39,21

It translates something like this: Hey Allah! Oh, ever living power. Give me strength so that I can go through this challenging situation. I don’t want my spouse to go away. Bless me generously with your grace and mercy and give me a great force.

Finally, you have to chant this either before or after every Namaz that you pray. Pray at least three times a day. Make sure you have plenty of water before you pray and you have washed clean with water. This dua for stopping divorce is undoubtedly very powerful.

Dua For Not Getting Divorced

There have been women who find that their husband is having an extramarital affair. And he starts behaving almost irrationally and weird way. You don’t understand what is happening. Furthermore, he shows no remorse for his deeds. Now he wants to separate from you so that he can be with the other woman. You know his true nature is not the way he is behaving now. Therefore, you want your earlier husband back.

At such times, spouses might seem to be under the influence of something. This could be vashikaran; this could be black magic. Or it might just only mean a crazy temporary behavior due to stress etc.

Now, due to divorce, you don’t want to go away from your in-laws. Due to separation, you don’t want your children to suffer. Now at such delicate times, here’s a dua for not getting divorced that can help you out:

‘Allah astagah-e-sur bid’aah jamila bid’aah sufaila qiblah zaad al-ma’aad durr samaika taqdeer ighsilini min wallah wallah wal’barbad bijli thalij tawallani aafayta wa baarik.’

It translates something like this: Hey Allah! If you’re listening to me, please give me my love, my spouse, my life back. I am nothing without your grace. This is the time you have to help your follower. Cleanse me of sin and bestow me with your blessings. Keep me from the separation.

Chant this dua for not getting divorced by sitting in front of any pure flame. It could be of any natural lamp. Sit there chanting for 5 mins. Do it every day for one week. You will undoubtedly start reaping the outcome.