Islamic Prayer To Marry The One You Love

Islamic Prayer To Marry The One You Love
Islamic Prayer To Marry The One You Love

Islamic Prayer To Marry The One You Love

Islamic Prayer To Marry The One You Love or to marry someone of your choice can be use to get married to a specific person. Solve your problems like how do you pray for someone you love in Islam.

Can I Pray To Allah To Marry A Specific Person?

Allah wants his children to love each other and live joyfully. So, you should be very proud to know that you are a part of Allah’s great plan. Allah wants all of us to find the perfect life partner and to live a beautiful married life. But finding the right life partner is not an easy task, but if you recite the holy verses with faith and devotion, success will chase you. Allah will bless you; all you have to do is pray to him genuinely and with devotion.

Islamic Prayer To Marry The One You Love
Islamic Prayer To Marry The One You Love

Both people should be on the same page for this prayer to work because Allah doesn’t want to force anybody against their wish to do anything. Gather all the love which you have kept in your heart just only for your life partner and pray for your lovely union. Allah will take care of everything else.

Islamic prayer for marrying the person whom you love

There are many methods to but none of these methods are a match for Islamic prayer for marrying the person you love in today’s world. If your feelings and emotions for the other person are pure, Allah will help you to unite with them. You have to pray with your heart and Insha Allah, all of your problems will be gone soon.

Use this Islamic prayer to marry the person you love, be united with your desired partner, and live a joyful love.


As-ALLAHU Anyaj ala baynakumwa-baynallazeena ‘aadaytum-minhum-mudatan, wa Allahu Qadeerunwa-ALLAHU Ghafooru-Raheem. AjibiyaJibraaeelunya-DardaaeelunyaRaftamaeeluya TankafeeluBihaqqi la Ilaha Ila-ALLAHU MuhammadurRasoolullahiwa ‘ala’ waliyillahiwawadooduyawahhabuyabudduhu al hubbifalanbintfalan ‘Ala hubbifalan bin falan’

If you do it properly, and soon, you will know the power of  Islamic prayer to marry the one you love. All you need to do is recite this dua with utmost devotion. But for men, they should additionally recite the dua, which is written below. You can convince your parents for love marriage using dua to convince parents for love marriage.

“Rabbi inne lima anzaltailayya min khayarinfaqeerun”

Men should recite this at least 100 times.

Islamic Prayer To Marry Someone of Your Choice

Islamic Prayer To Marry Someone of Your Choice, It is fortunate to marry a man according to your choice, but unfortunately, some girls have become so unlucky that they can’t marry the person they want due to many reasons. In that case, the Islamic prayer to marry someone of your choice will help you.


“Waaludduha, waallayillithasaja Ma waddAAkarabukawamaqala walakhiratukhayrunlaka mina aloola WalasawafayuAAteekarabbukafatarda. Alamyajidkayateemanfaawa Wawajaadakadallan fahada. WawajadakaAAailanfaghna. Faammaalyateemafalataqhar. Waammaalssailafalatanhar. WaamabiniAAmatirarbbikafahaddith”

Insha Allah, your wishes will be granted soon. And remember that if your prayer lacks sincerity and purity, then there is a big chance that your prayers will not be accepted. And one more thing, this dua cannot be used to attract someone who is in love with someone else.

Islamic Prayer To Get Married To A Specific Person

Islamic Prayer To Get Married To A Specific Person, For men, sometimes the situation gets so unfair that their dream of marrying the girl they love becomes impossible. It can happen due to various reasons. But the following Islamic prayer to get married to a specific person will help you turn your dream into a reality.

  • First of all, do wuzu, you should wear clean clothes and good perfume.
  • Write the dua on a paper.
  • Mention your beloved one with full details.
  • Then pray to Allah Tallah for his supreme blessing.
  • Roll the paper and wrap it into a clean cloth.
  • Put this paper into a talisman until you have started to see the results, but you should remove the talisman before entering any unholy place.
  • And you will see the miraculous results within a single week, but if you didn’t notice any results try wearing it for some more time.
  • And it would help if you threw the talisman into a well or a lake after it has fulfilled its purpose, and in the case where you have no access to a well or a lake, you should bury it in a clean place.

How Do You Pray For Someone You Love One In Islam?

How Do You Pray For Someone You Love One In Islam? We all have a question about How do you pray for someone you love one in Islam? Love is an unavoidable thing in Islam. Islam was born out of love itself. Many prayers will help make them realize the love you have been keeping only for them and love you back.

Read the prayer written below and eliminate how you pray for someone you love in Islam. It is effortless to fall in love, and it is very natural too, but sometimes people don’t get back their love from that special one due to many unfortunate situations they are in. Now you can solve any type of love problems using Ya Wahabo Wazifa For Love.

But we can solve those problems by reciting specific Dua’s to get your precious love back from that special one. And this dua will help to make them feel the love which you have inside your heart.

So what should you do?

This dua is mainly helpful for those girls who love their man so much, but due to the man’s usual playful nature, he doesn’t admit it or does not show it. Or for those who have one-sided love, but do not worry with the help of this dua, you will get back your precious love for sure. Just pray to Allah about your worries he is all-seeing and all-hearing he will hear your prayer and answer them and bless you.


  • Recite Surah Maryam 7 times
  • And you should recite it continuously for three days.
  • After you have completed the reciting, pray to Allah for that person to love you back.
  • He loves to see his children’s smiling faces, so stop worrying. Insha Allah, they will love you back soon and want to be with you for the rest of their lives.


One significant thing while reciting dua for affection from somebody you love is you should not lose trust and have believe in Allah. Recite the dua properly to get married to the person of your choice. Keep doing your work and leave the rest all in the hands of Allah.

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