Love Marriage Sifli Amal


Love Marriage Sifli Amal

Love Marriage Sifli Amal, Sifli amal are one of those various techniques that is used to attract a person’s thoughts and influences them to think the way you want. The babs’s or jaadugar’s that use sifli amal in their practices uses some objectionable articles. The result of Sifli is same as that of vashikaran or other witchcraft.

Sifli amal karne ka tareeqa

There are very few people who can do Sifli amal properly. This act is more effective after midnight, that is 12 0 clock. This is an effective method to solve a certain kind of problem in life. If you know a person who is causing harm to you then its easy to confront them and fight with them, but if you don’t know the physical presence of the source which is creating all the problem then its difficulty to fight. There comes the role of Sifli Amal.


It can basically track the evil spirits that are trying to interfere in your life and causing harm to you. Although there are many ways of performing Sifli amal but one of the easiest way of doing is the one that I am going to discuss here:


You can buy 1kg of  chicken flesh and take it to an isolated place where no one passes by. Keep that chicken flesh there and invite and request the spirit to come and eat that flesh of chicken. Keep doing this for 7 days and after completing the 7th day a spirit arrives and will tell you to bring the same quantity of chicken every dayand he will be doing all your work in exchange of that. This is a very effective method of Sifli amal which gives guaranteed results.

Word of caution- This act should be done only under the guidance of experts because the process of calling spirits are very gross and weak hearted people cannot do this on their own.

Sifli amal for love marriage

If you are facing any problem in your love life the sifli amal is a very effective way of fulfilling your desire. You can attract the person you love and can have control over his or her thoughts to make his or her stay in your life. If you are in love with a person and you are not getting enough support to marry him then you can try sifli amal to make your dream come true. Sometimes parents oppose your decision either due to society pressure or due to some family issues. In such cases you can take help of sifli amal to change their mind so that they also give a not to your choice.

With the help of Sifli amal you can develop Taaweez and make your boyfriend or girlfriend wear that. This will help your beloved to stay loyal to you. These days problems for making love marriage possible are not getting enough support or your boyfriend or girlfriend are not being loyal in the relationship. To protect your relation from these kinds of external disturbances Sifli amal can bring all your love related sorrows to happiness. Sifli amal is probably one of the best technique to get your love back.

To practice sifli amal you have to find a very quiet place where there is no disturbance and is away from the sight of the people. Wear a nice perfume and light a lamp and then write taweezat on a white piece of paper for 21 times and wash it. Then repeat this for 7 times and wash is it everytime. Bind this paper with black thread and hide it in some place at the bottom. You will get to see its effect on your beloved very soon.

Sifli amal is indeed a very powerful and effective way fulfilling your desires that you wish from the bottom of your heart. However, you should always bear this in mind that besides being a powerful tool it is very complicated and risky too. The things used in Sifli amal are almost the abandoned and taboo materials. So using these articles for witchcraft purposes should only be done under somebody’s guidance and support.

Islam believes that nothing is above “Allah” and everything happens only after his consent. He is the supreme power and the control of this universe lies in his hands. The spirits that we invite through sifli amal are only secondary to Allah. So while doing any kind of Ibaadat you should be clear in your intentions and never intend to harm anyone. Allah never allows or supports any action or deed done by human which is meant to cause harm anyone.

Sifli amal ki pehchan

Its not easy to identify the symptoms of Sifli alma. The person can look very normal yet he may be suffering from some hidden problems. As this act is done very hideously and done in a clandestine manner so its effect is very unapparent. If you are experiencing gradual decrease in your health or you are feeling loss in appetite. You are losing control over your anger or similar emotions, having sleepless nights, getting scared in dreams etc., then there is quite a possibility that you are under the influence of Sifli amal.

The most common abnormality that is seen in people who are suffering from Sifli amal is that they frequently lose their conscious and complain of fearing of strange things that they are unable to explain. If you find any of the above symptoms in a person, then it’s a close indication that the person is under the influence of Sifli amal.

When someone becomes the victim then its very remove the Sifli amal present in the body. Very few person knows its kaat. Once a person is affected by Sifli amal, it does not easily leave the body. You will have to take help from the experts to get it done. Always follow the footsteps that Allah has shown and you will be far away from the sufferings of Sifli Amal.