Qurani Wazifa or Wazaif for Beautiful Baby Boy in Urdu

Qurani Wazifa or Wazaif for Beautiful Baby Boy in Urdu


Qurani Wazifa for Baby Boy in Urdu
Qurani Wazifa for Baby Boy in Urdu


The baby is the boom by the divine God to human beings. Every religion has given the same value to the children. They also stated as the incarnation of almighty God. A baby is the most crucial factor in every couple’s life because it accomplishes the family. Families without babies are not said complete. Getting a baby is more crucial while the long time has been passed and couples remain empty handed. The actual changes are about to come in a married life after the birth of a baby.


If you got a girl child earlier and now desire to have a baby boy, then Qurani wazifa can help you a lot. You can choose one suitable wazifa and can have the pleasure of a baby boy. Several verses have been written in the Quran and some are in the form of Wazifa. They are devoted to the wellness of childless couples. Wazifa is in its original form (Urdu). If you want, you can take as they are.


Wazaif is similarly influential as the wazifa. A constant recitation of Wazaif can get you a pleasure of being parents soon. Qurani Wazaif is popular in all over the world and giving people benefits out of it. Every childless couple seeks god’s help to remove their childlessness, but lack of proper knowledge of Wazaif, they become unable to bring their voice to Allah. Those people can contact us to get the specialized knowledge of Qurani Wazaif. After getting it, they will get able to have a beautiful baby boy.


The beauty of a baby depends on the genetical structure of the elders in the family. If child’s genetical components tend to a specific person in the family, then the color of the child will set according to the color of the person. It is a difficult process to define the features of an unborn baby. However, it could be done with the Qurani Wazifa. Wazifa recitation is a Sufi tradition, which is following since several centuries among over ancestors. They have passed it to their coming family, and then they passed further. Therefore, the ancient recipe is still available for people. Qurani wazifa is used to determine the color or beauty of a child. If any parent wants that their child will be a beautiful baby, we recommend them to recite wazifa till the birth of the baby. They will surely get a beautiful baby with the grace of Allah.


Some of the jealous people who cannot bear the success of any person try to put the Bandish with several kinds of black magic. However, the one who is in the shelter of Allah-Tala, nobody can harm him or her.


Several kinds of Bandish in human life such as-


  1. Shadi Mai Bandish
  2. Rozgar Mai Bandish
  3. Karobar Mai Bandish
  4. Shadi Mai Bandish
  5. Pyar Mai Bandish


If you are facing any kind of problem, which is one of the above-mentioned Bandish or something else, you can take help of Qurani Wazifa. It has the tor of any kind of Bandish whether it is related to your business, marriage, career, love, etc. The Qurani wazifa is an effective recipe in breaking any kind of bandish/rukawate/jadu/closure. For the best results with Qurani wazifa adhere all the rules as the specialist tells.






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