Many Quranic Ayats have lot to say but the matter of fact is that many people did not seek goodness from it. Quranic Ayats gives you the source to seek goodness and make it use in good deeds. Before going somewhere else one should be stay clear of the meaning of the word ‘Ayats’.


What is Ayats?

Ayats are the verses or phrases of the God that is interpreted or recited to us with a truth. Quranic Ayats refer to the verses written in Quran. Quranic Ayats are the beautiful expression of Allah which is well crafted with truth and represent before us.


Range of Quranic Ayats

Quranic Ayats almost cover all the essential topics of life from which we could seek goodness, honesty and all the possible qualities that can make us a wise man.


quranic ayats
quranic ayats



If you cannot read and write then how come you know that what you are doing is right or wrong? Education makes you skilled and literate and helps you to make judgement about right and wrong and make you clarify the difference between good and bad. One of the quranic ayats on education means that whatever a person have memorized and studied, he will leave it to Allah to take care of it and he will ask Allah to give it back whenever he needed because Allah can do anything as he considered Allah as his helper and protector and best of the help.



A person having knowledge can reach to his destination with ease. One of the quranic ayats on knowledge means that if a person chooses a path to seek knowledge then Allah will make his path easier to the destination.



It is the cycle of life that people have to leave this world someday to meet with their lord again. According to Quran, Death is the way to meet almighty God only if he/she has done good deeds and do not associate anyone else during worship of his/her lord.

Death has many definitions and Quran beautifully represented it in the form of Ayats.



Ramadan is a month during which Quran was brought down to make the mankind to distinguish between right and wrong. It serves as a guide to mankind. With the first light of moon in the month of Ramadan Muslims starts their fast and they keep themselves away from sexual relations, drink and food until the sunrise. It is not compulsory for the ill or travelling people to have a fast but they can maintain their fast by keeping an equal number of fasts on other days. In one of the Quranic Ayats it is said that Allah wanted ease for you and does not want your hardship in order to complete the count of fasting days. It does not mean that if you haven’t kept a fast then Allah does not help you.

These beautiful Quranic Ayats make us see a life in other point of view and teaches us some important lessons of life. It not only gives us a moral value but it also makes us believe Allah is always with us to provide help.