Dua is done to ask Allah for providing you help in achieving your dream or wish. Qurani Amal also serves the same purpose that is why it is said to be an ancient Islamic Dua.  The way of reciting Dua differs from religion to religion. Qurani Amal lets you achieve your desired thing in life and most people used it for their Love life or love marriage. But it does not use for this purpose only, it is also a path or way to achieve highest position in terms of spirituality and lets you display your gratitude towards God.


Love Life

If someone is married to the one to whom he/she loved the most is one lucky person because most of the love couples are failed to convert their love into a marriage because of some religious or society issues. If everything is going wrong in your love life and you have little bit hope left that you can still get your love then it would be better to perform Qurani Amal for Love to solve your love related issues or you can perform Qurani Amal for Love Marriage to help you in solving problem which is making your way blocked to get you married with your loved one.



qurani amal for love
qurani amal for love



Marriage is the biggest occasion in your life which will you never forget and you want it to done perfectly and make it memorable. Yet there are some people who still are unmarried and not able to get married because of some social or financial issues. To help them in getting married, Qurani Amal for marriage could make their way easy if they perform it. If you desire something so badly then give some time to God and let him perform his role in your life.



A person completes his family by having children. Watching a smile on mother’s face after having a child is the one memorable moment every mother never wants to forget. These moments are the beautiful display of emotions and every mother wants enjoy those moments. But some mothers still are waiting for those moments to come but due to some medical problems they are not able to get pregnant. Whenever you are close to your wish and still you did not get it then you just need a push to lead you towards your wish and that push for any wife is performing Qurani Amal for getting pregnant.

Without a medical diagnosis it is impossible to know whether a child to be born is a girl or a boy. Since, to know the sex of a child is treated as an illegal practice in many countries, one should not be able to know this. One can only pray to God that what he/she wants. If one is willing to have a boy then he or she can perform Qurani Amal for baby boy or baby girl if one is willing to have a girl. Although it is a bad practice and one should not discriminate between genders.